We conduct research in the application of rigorous design methodologies to the design of artifacts and environments for people.

Design Tools

Our design tools, in the form of calculators and guidelines, make it easier to identify, quantify, and apply relevant anthropometry of appropriate target user populations for design.

What do you want to do?

Recent Publications

A parametric approach to the optimization-based design of compliant mechanisms, Parkinson, M.B., Howell, L.L., and Cox, J.J. (1997)

Optimization-based design of a fully-compliant bistable micromechanism, Parkinson, M.B., Jensen, B.D., and Roach, G.M. (2000)

Predicting the large-deflection path of tapered cantilever beams, Parkinson, M. B., Roach, G. M., and Howell, L. L. (2000)